Natural Foundations in Music Instruments Home School curriculum. Kit includes printed teacher guide, four audio CDs, and four song story books.



Natural Foundations in Music (NFM) is an early childhood music curriculum for infants through early elementary-aged children. Using a combination of primarily classical and traditional folk music, NFM empowers teachers and parents to nurture the ability in their children to listen, analyze, sing, move, and play—creating a musical foundation that encourages a natural transition to the study of instrumental music, vocal music, and/or dance. NFM is designed for music educators, classroom educators, homeschool families, parents, grandparents—anyone who wants to nurture the love and appreciation of music in children. This program is different in what it offers partly because anyone can purchase and begin using our curriculum immediately. Whether participating in a classroom setting or using the curriculum in your own home, you will find that NFM deliberately engages with children on a number of levels using a variety of methods.


The NFM Instruments volume emphasizes key instruments in the symphony orchestra. The volume is organized in 2, 16-week parts (semesters) providing a total of 32 weeks of lesson material. Lesson plans are also provided in two forms: 1) detailed prescriptive plans for each lesson, 2) general checklist plans for each lesson. Part 1 focuses on the trumpet, violin, clarinet, bassoon, and piano. Part 2 focuses on the trombone, cello, flute, oboe, and timpani. The curriculum is organized in 10 major sections:

  1. Opening
  2. Music Appreciation
  3. Music Skills
  4. Follow-Me!
  5. Classical Play
  6. Vocal Rhythm
  7. Singing Songs
  8. Rhythmic Movement
  9. Song Stories
  10. Closing


The Teacher’s Manual Kit comes with the following:

  • 185 page teacher guide: includes 32 prescriptive lesson plans, 32 checklist plans, and recommendations of supplemental resources.
  • 1 Set of Part 1 audio CDs: 1 class music sing-along CD and 1 classical CD
  • 1 Set of Part 2 audio CDs: 1 class music sing-along CD and 1 classical CD
  • 4 Song Story Children’s Books: Over in the Meadow, Once an Austrian Went Yodeling, Mister Grumble, and Old Joe Clark


Instrument Kits are not included with the Teacher’s Manual Kit but are strongly encouraged to get the most out of your child’s music instruction. We recommend the Basic Instrument Kit at a minimum.

NOTICE: Natural Foundations in Music is intended for private use in the home. Contact us to inquire about using NFM in a school or professional studio setting.