The one-person Basic Instrument kit includes 4 instruments. This is the minimum recommended kit for one student.



Natural Foundations in Music (NFM) is pleased to offer instruments by Westco Educational. Sourced from manufacturers across the globe,  Westco is a supplier of high quality musical instruments for educational institutions, music therapy centers, and retailers across the United States and internationally. All NFM instrument kits that we offer are thoughtfully chosen from Westco’s extensive inventory to ensure optimal compatibility with the NFM curriculum. With NFM and Westco’s commitment to safety, value, and quality, each instrument is designed to withstand years of use at an affordable price.


The Basic Instrument Kit (1 Person) includes the following instruments:

  • 1 Slide Whistle
  • 1 Set of 2 Rhythm Sticks
  • 1 Set of 2 Shaker Eggs (Actual Color May Vary)
  • 1 Set of 2 Scarves (Actual Color May Vary)